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Ultimate Barista Pack (Video) $30 plus $8 postage

DVD killed the video star: Ultimate Barista Pack (Video) $30 plus $8 postage

Ultimate Barista Pack

We are running out our video packs.  We have the Ultimate Barista Pack (Video) priced at $30 plus $8 postage to clear our stock.  The book alone sells for $30!

"Ultimate Barista Boxed Set"
By the time you have finished reading our book and watched
our videos you will have discovered ...

· how coffee came to be the second most traded commodity on earth
· how coffee is grown and harvested
· how coffee is blended and roasted
· how to use a commercial grinder and espresso machine
· how to pour the perfect esspresso shot
· the art of frothing creamy, textured milk
· how to pour all the drinks in a cafe menu with style
· how to clean your equipment to maintain the taste of your coffee
· how everything a barista knows can be applied to the home espresso machine
· how to get and keep a job as a barista
· how the great baristas keep there customers coming back.


· how to do all the major latte art styles and designs in easy to understand steps.

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