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What Our Trainers Have Said About Our Classes




What People Say About Our Classes






'The course was very good, I liked the training. The trainers explained very well.' Tatiana O.

'Thank you, the course was very fun, interesting and yummy. I didn't know anything about coffee and now I know so much, particularly the sounds. Thank you.' Veronica S.

'I had great fun learning to be a barista and all about the coffee.The instructors were very close and fun to learn with too.' Jenish B.

'It can help you get better in coffee making and making sure you have really good hygiene to stay consistent in the workplace. Also, learning other things that you haven’t in case, the workplace is strict.' Karl N.

'The training is useful and fun. Thank you for the instructions.' Wan Lin H.

'Very good instructing. Awesome!' Denis V.

'CBD College trainers were really knowledgeable, patient and nice. They made me feel very comfortable and the environment created for the class was just exactly what I was looking for, for my learning processes.' Alejandro L.

'I loved the course. It was fun. The staffs were amazing. Thanks!' Diana B.

'Fast paced and very insightful. Instruction established sound principles around which a new skill can be securely acquired.' Peter C.

'It was my first time to make coffee; so I was very nervous about it, but the way they presented everything was very clear. Due to my nervousness, I did little mistakes during the coffee making, but they explained me everything again in polite manner. It was a very good experience.' Daljeet K.

'Very friendly and durable course. Very good teachers. Thank you.' Anna B.

'The class was very interesting and found it worthy. I enjoyed the class.' Deepa S.

'It was a very nice experience. I will recommend this course to my friend. Everyone were very nice and kind.' Alexander D.

'Excellent Course! Rocelle explained everything clearly and precisely with a good mixture of theory and practice- very well presented! I would highly recommend this course.' Glenn G.

'The presenter of the class today was professional at every level. She spoke clearly and precisely and was easy to understand and follow her trainings. She answered all the questions we asked.' Helen G.