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Coffee & Dessert Night - only $95 on June 24

If you missed last year's "The Art of Coffee and Dessert" you mustn't miss this class!

Enjoy a decadent evening of both coffee and dessert. Renown chef Shelley Jones teams up with Barista Basics to create a three hour course that takes you through how to make the most amazing desserts to making the most amazing coffees! A sure-fire way to impress those dinner party guests, this course is a must for those that crave that perfect end to their dinner party evening. The dessert part of the evening will be spent with Shelley Jones who will both inspire and motivate you to create desserts with fllair. The coffee part of the evening will be spent with David Gee and Matthew Gee who will instruct on commercial and domestic espresso machines.

Course includes dessert, your copies of the recipes, coffee tastings and other information. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase discounted books, dvds and other goodies on the night.

About Shelley Jones:
Born and raised in New Zealand, Shelley Jones came to Sydney after spending 2 years in Brussels, Belgium, as Head Chef to the Ambassador of New Zealand, before running her own Catering and Cooking School business in Brussels for a further 2 years. She says, "Modern day cooking takes influences from all over the world, allowing opportunities to combine many different flavours and cookery methods to deliver a unique culinary experience."
Shelley now runs a successful Cooking School from her home, where novice and experienced Cooks alike come together to share their love of cooking, enjoy good food, taste a selection of wines and maybe even pick up a tip or two! Central to the lessons stands the theme of fusion cuisine and topics such as ‘Dolce Vita’ (Italian),‘Pacific Rim’ (Thai) or ‘Turning over a New Leaf’ (vegetarian).

The Shelley Jones Cooking School offers a variety of classes, including those tailored for team-building or corporate events.

In addition, Shelley’s business ‘Kauri Fine Foods’ provides a number of food consultancy services to restaurants, cafés, and caterers.

For more information or to book the class log on to or call 1300 366 218. 

Group discounts are available. 

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