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Chocolate Connoisseur's Appreciation Course - $99.00

Chocolate Connoisseur's Appreciation Course  -  $99.00

Are you passionate about chocolate? Want to learn everything about chocolate? Then our Chocolate Connoisseur's Appreciation course is the answer. We will cover everything from the history of chocolate and how it is made through to origins and blends, specialty chocolates and chocolate desserts.

Our first evening in Sydney is on March 1, 2006 at 6:30pm.    Our first evening in Brisbane is on May 11, 2006 at 6.30pm. 

Your chocolate connoisseur appreciation evening starts off with a tasting of our special Belgian hot chocolate.

During the evening you will learn:

- How chocolate came to be discovered
- How chocolate has influenced the history of the world
- How chocolate came to be one of the top three traded commodities in the world
- How to test for great chocolate by its smell, sight, touch, sound and taste
- How to store chocolate
- How to match different drinks such as coffee, with chocolate
- How to taste different origins of chocolate for the true connoisseur experience
- How chocolate is presented by specialty chocolatiers e.g. truffles, pralines, butter creams; and
- How chocolate is best used in creating gourmet desserts

Throughout the evening you will taste single origin chocolates, blended chocolates and specialty chocolates made by our European trained chocolatier.

A wonderful chocolate gourmet dessert caps off the evening.

You will also receive a certificate and specialty chocolate gift pack at the conclusion of the course.

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