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Barista Basics Coffee Club - World Tour


NEW - Introducing the Barista Basics TM Coffee Club – World Tour

The Barista BasicsTM Coffee Club has been created for the home or office connoisseur of coffee.

The World Tour has been designed to give you a taste of coffees from the major coffee growing regions of the world.

We have been very careful in what we have selected to make sure that you will enjoy each coffee to the last drop.  You can order your coffee as beans, espresso grind or filter grind.

How Barista BasicsTM Coffee Club Works

When you join the Barista BasicsTM Coffee Club you will receive:

  • a different gourmet coffee in the first week of every month
  • expert notes describing the coffee and region in full
  • members only offers on other Barista BasicsTM products

The perfect Christmas gift for the coffee lover!

Payment is via credit card and these can be debited monthly if required.

Gift memberships are also available for the coffee lover in your life.  Buy three months, six months or twelve month memberships - phone 1300 366 218 to arrange gift purchases.

World Tour Itinerary

Your tour begins in the first week of the month after you have placed your order.

January Papua New Guinea Grade A
February Brazilian Santos #18/19
March East Timor Arabica (Organic)
April Nicaraguan SHG
May Indian Plantation A Mysore
June Columbia Excelso
July Mexico Atura
August Guatemala SHB
September Indian Parchment A/B Robusta
October Ethiopia Limu
November Kenya AA
December Java Estate

Freshness Guaranteed

We roast to order to guarantee freshness. We ship in resealable bags with one-way valves that let the gases from the roasted coffee escape but keeps harmful oxygen out.


Single Connoisseur 455g (1 lb) of coffee each month $19.90 per month

Family Connoisseurs 1kg of coffee each month $39.90 per month

Small Business Connoisseurs (5 people) – 2kg per month $75.00 per month

Note that 455g (1 lb) of coffee will provide you with 45 to 55 cups of coffee. You can upgrade, downgrade suspend, or stop your membership at any time. Prices are all inclusive – that means we pay the postage, gst etc. All orders are sent by Australia Post with a tax invoice.

Join now - phone 1300 366 218 or go to: JOIN NOW

Barista BasicsTM Coffee Club World Tour Stop-Overs

Asia Pacific

Papua New Guinea Grade A

Just south of the equator, Papua New Guinea is home to some of the world’s finest high altitude coffee. The arabica coffee grown is derived from the Jamaica Blue Mountain stock. It is grown on small to medium sized farms. Some farms have as few as twenty trees. Some have hundreds of trees. Favourable climatic conditions and rich volcanic soils create a coffee with good body, sweetness and well balanced acidity. Floral flavours can be tasted and the body is often described as nutty.

Indian Plantation A Mysore

Most of India’s arabica coffee comes from the south-western part of the country. Mysore coffee is grown in the state of Karnataka. It is an exotic and spicy coffee with a sharp acidic flavour.

Indian Parchment A/B Robusta

Robusta coffee has a higher caffeine content then arabica coffee beans. It is most often used in espresso blend to give extra punch and crema. Robusta coffees have been much maligned over the years. This is the only robusta coffee we offer in our range. It is important to taste a robusta on its own once in your life and compare the experience to that of an arabica coffee. The Indian Parchment A/B Robusta is a high quality robusta. The coffee is very strong in flavour. You will note slight chocolate-like undertones and a lingering aftertaste. Try blending with another coffee origin (20% Indian Parchment A/B Robusta/80% other) and note the change in flavour and crema compared to the origins on their own.

Java Estate

Java is an Indonesian island. The Dutch started growing arabica coffee here early in coffees history. It has been said that the soils in this part of the world have been depleted of minerals and nutrients due to intensive cultivation over the past several hundred years. There is some truth to this, however the coffee from this part of the world is still worth tasting. You will find Java Estate coffee to have a full body, chocolate-like undertones and low acidity.

East Timor Arabica (Organic)

East Timor’s rich soil, high altitude (averaging 7,000 feet above sea level) and great climate make it the ideal place to grow Arabica coffee. As East Timor does not have a problem with pests that destroy coffee plants, the crops are grown organically without chemicals or pesticides. You will note that the rich, earthy flavours are similar to the Java Estate coffee.


Ethiopia Limu

This part of the world is the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian Limu is from the limu region in central-west Ethiopia. You will find Limu coffee to have sweet, spicy flavours with a balanced body. The flavours are often described as delicate. To many, Ethiopian coffees represent the epitome of coffee tasting.

Kenya AA

Kenyan AA is a high-grown full-bodied coffee that is highly sought after by gourmet roasters worldwide. It is also one of the most expensive arabica coffees. Grown on the slopes surrounding Mt Kenya, you will find this coffee to have sharp, fruity and even citrus flavours. The high acidity leaves a lovely dry, lingering winey after-taste. You will love this one! Great with dessert.

Central & South America

Mexico Atura

Mexico Altura coffee is grown in the mountains of Coatepec in the state of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico. This is an excellent coffee. You will find the body to be light with a moderate to high acidic taste giving nutty and chocolate hints. The aroma is delicate. A great coffee to have with friends on a Sunday morning.

Guatemala SHB

Guatemalan coffee is rated by most to be one of the world’s best coffees. "Strictly Hard Bean" (SHB) means that the coffee is grown at high altitudes. This gives the coffee a unique taste. You will note that this coffee is medium to full bodied. It has good acidity with hints of spice. As the coffee cools you will note the mellow chocolate undertones. The aroma is very fragrant.

Columbia Excelso

Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil. The high altitudes, rich volcanic soil and good climate make the coffee a very well balanced coffee to drink. You will find Columbian coffee to have a full body, good rich flavour and medium acidity.

Nicaraguan SHG

Coffee is the number one export for Nicaragua. The farmers operate co-operatives that produce high quality coffee using sustainable farming methods. Nicaraguan SHG (Strictly High Grown) coffee has a great body, good balance and very clean flavour. Many consider it to be a rising star in the gourmet coffee world.

Brazilian Santos #18/19

Brazil produces about 42% of the world’s coffee. Brazilian Santos beans are grown high in the hills of Brazil’s Santos region. You will note the smooth sweet flavour, medium body and fine acidity.

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