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Barista Basics Domestic Machine Course

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Course Name: BARISTA BASICS Domestic Machine Course  -  $110.00



BARISTA BASICS Domestic Machine Course

Amaze your friends with your coffee skills. You can make café-quality coffee from your home espresso machine and we will show you how.

Our domestic machine course focuses on:
where coffee comes from and how it was discovered by the Arabs and refined by the Italians (it's funny that even most baristas don't know that coffee is the seed from within a cherry that grows on a tree!)
how coffee is grown and harvested (you need to know this if you are going to try and discover the many tastes and aromas of coffee from different origins)
how coffee is blended and roasted (we have always said "in the end… it's all in the blend" and we hope you agree after looking at the evidence we present)
how to pour the perfect espresso shot (under-extracted and it's too weak … over-extracted and it's too bitter - we tell you what you need to do to make it perfect)
the art of frothing creamy, textured milk (you don't want to create “roadhouse” froth and we show you how to avoid it!)
how to pour all the drinks in a café menu with style (you think you can pour a cappuccino - but can you pour a vienna, long macchiato and a doppio? - we show you how)
latte art (we show you how the experts do it - you will be amazed how easy it is)
how to clean your equipment to maintain the taste of your coffee (if this is not done you might as well not even grind the beans - not cleaning is a disaster)

Our classes are small and offer plenty of hands-on practice under the guidance of our fully trained world-class baristas. The class is similar to our commercial Barista Basics class in terms of content and machine time but the focus is on domestic machines.

We have a range of SAECO machines that we use but encourage all participants to bring along their own machines if they desire.

All participants get a free copy of our video or DVD The Coffee Menu and a certificate.

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