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Barista Basics Coffee Academy Gift Certificates - 20% Discount - exclusive to Gold Card Members

Gift certificates to our BARISTA BASICSTM Coffee Academy classes make the ideal gift for any coffee lover!

Call us on 1300 366 218 and we will send our gift certificate to you or straight to your friend with a note saying it is a gift from you.

All gift certificates have the recipient's name and our contact details so they can call and book a course that is most convenient to them.

Courses are held every second Saturday in our cafe. 

The gift certificate can be for the 3 hour class ($110 less 20%) or also include our  2 hour coffee art class ($250 less 20%).  A TAFE certificate is awarded to those who complete both classes.

The Gift Certificate will be valid for classes from January 13 2006 to June 30 2006.

This offer is valid to December 20, is exclusive to Blue Wave Coffee Gold Card holders and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.


BARISTA BASICS  -  $110.00 ($88 with 20% discount)

This course is designed for the following groups:

a. people who have had no prior experience with coffee and who are looking at getting a skill to get a job;

b. people who have worked on espresso machines but have had no formal or “correct” instruction;

c. people who are competent in one or more aspects of coffee-making but need instruction on the finer aspects of being a barista such as milk texturing and the importance of being able to manipulate the grind on a daily basis to achieve the 30ml pour in 30 seconds, or

d. people who simply have a passion for coffee and want to learn more about it.

In our course we cover the following:

1. how to differentiate between blends and degrees of roast

2. how to keep coffee fresh

3. how to load the groups in the espresso machine and how to pour an espresso

4. how to texture milk effectively

5. how to adjust the coffee grind to achieve an A-grade espresso

6. how to prepare the different coffees that are ordered at a café or restaurant

7. how to clean the espresso machine and grinder to get the most out of your equipment

Other information:

Practical Experience Given
At least 50-60% of students' time will be spent actually working the commercial espresso machines that we have available.

One to Three Instructors
One to three instructors are present, depending on class size, at all courses to provide feedback to students and to oversee their operation of the espresso machine.

As well as essential skills, BARISTA BASICS™ will also provide you with a barista certificate listing what you have learnt in the class.

A professionally produced instructional video or DVD on how to pour all of the coffees on a typical coffee menu (called The Coffee Menu) will be handed to students at the conclusion of the class.

Written Coffee Menu
A written coffee menu listing the ingredients of all of the major coffee drinks will also be handed to students at the conclusion of the class.

BARISTA BASICS Mark II – Coffee Art and Presentation Techniques  - $140.00 ($112 with 20% discount)

This course is offered to people who wish to spend more time mastering latte art, pouring coffees and perfecting their presentation skills. We also focus on adjusting the grind and conducting a full clean of the espresso machine. 90% of time is spent on the machine itself.

Participants will learn how to make an array of patterns using an implement after their caffe lattes have been poured. They will also learn how chocolate fudge can be used to great effect on cappuccinos, hot chocolates, steamers and caffe mochas. Also learned will be simple yet effective patterns for long and short macchiatos. Free pouring is also demonstrated so that participants can see how this highly technical process is executed.

Course duration is 2 hours. Cost is $140 per person.

Completion of BARISTA BASICS TM and BARISTA BASICS TM Mark II – Coffee Art and Presentation Techniques will also entitle you to a TAFE certificate.

Interesting aside #1
We were the first barista school in Australia to offer a separate course on latte art and are continually generating more trademarked designs to demonstrate to our students. Funnily enough, a novice sent by a "backyard" coffee school in Sydney came and did our MkII course then published a book using the designs taught during the class. And he said he was just a struggling barista taking a few snaps so he could remember the designs! our advice to people wanting to do latte art - don't accept second best!

Interesting aside #2
David Gee and Matthew Gee, the principals of BARISTA BASICS Coffee Academy recently completed a print and cinema ad campaign featuring their latte art for a major international brand.

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