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Affogato with a twist of Mocha - Australian Table, May 2004

Affogato with a twist of Mocha


We've all seen affogatos on coffee menus (and to be honest, nobody ever orders one) but they are actually a yummy dessert and if you've got a home espresso machine, they're a breeze to make.

Put a few dainty scoops of vanilla ice cream into a dessert bowl. Pour two shots of espresso from your espresso machine on top, letting the espresso drip over the ice cream and settle on the bottom of the bowl.

You've now got yourself an affogato, but here's the twist. Froth up some chocolate milk with the steam wand connected to your espresso machine (just use a chocolate Moove or similar product). Spoon in the nice creamy froth you create straight onto your affogato.

The result will be an ultra-smooth tasting dessert with mocha undertones. People have been known to add a shot of Grand marnier on top of this but suit yourself! It's great with or without.

For another after-dinner treat try mini-pancakes lavished with hot mocha sauce. Over a low heat, melt a 375g bag of Nestle Milk Melts Cooking Chocolate $3.15 from Coles. Add four shots of espresso from your espresso machine (120ml) and 125ml of Bulla Thickened Cream $1.21 from Coles. Once ingredients have mixed, turn off heat and pour over mini-pancakes (Golden Pikelets $2.71 for a pack of 8 from Coles). A guaranteed success story for any dinner party.

David Gee - Barista Basics Coffee Academy

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