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Barista Basics - Café Management Courses

Our Café Management Essentials course is a critical investment for those that are opening a café or thinking of opening a café.


Café Management Essentials (Sydney Only) $120.00


Café Management Essentials (Sydney Only) $120.00

Café Management Essentials - Sydney Only at Present - 3 information packed hours


In the course we cover all the basics you will need to consider:

  • Creating a checklist for buying a Café/Espresso Bar
  • Using Breakeven Analysis for a Café/Espresso Bar
  • Hazards to Avoid buying a Café/Espresso Bar
  • Steps to create a Basic Café/Espresso Bar Business Plan Template
  • Starting a Café/Espresso Bar from scratch vs. buying one already established
  • Why buy a Café/Espresso Bar Franchise?
  • Important Design Elements to consider when designing your Café/Espresso Bar
  • Importance of Selecting the Right Products/Suppliers
  • Devising your menu
  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Staff for your Café/Espresso Bar
  • The Importance of Employee Training
  • Designing the look of your Café/Espresso Bar
    • Business identity
    • Branding
    • Staff’s look

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Our website is really your best first starting point. It has our articles, training videos and the downloadable forms you will need when planning your café and for when you get up and running. This is a membership site and the investment is only $99 per year. New articles and forms are listed all the time.

Our Café Management Essentials classes are listed below. These only run in Sydney at the moment and places are limited. In this class we go through all the elements that you will need to think of before setting up a café, when it is set up and we also look at how you would sell the café. The class will also give you the opportunity to ask Matt or Dave specific questions you might have. Remember Matt and Dave are entrepreneurs who have owned four espresso bars and a coffee roaster so they know all the tricks of buying, running and selling a café. We suggest you join before coming to the class.

Café Management Essentials can also be joined with our Master Barista classes. The classes and should give you a great understing of what is involved, if a café is right for you and will maximise you chances of success once you make your move.