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Stencils - 6 Great Designs

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Stencils - 6 Great Designs
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Stencils - 6 Great Designs

Professional Barista Stencils - 6 Designs

Cappuccino stencils

We have six great stencil designs for baristas wanting to add a personal touch on a well presented cup of coffee:

  1. Heart
  2. Star
  3. Flower
  4. Chinese symbol for "love"
  5. Shamrock
  6. Three wave pattern 

Our cappuccino stencil materials are dishwasher safe and are easy-clean plastic stencils. They are generally used for chocolate sprinkles on coffee with frothed milk, hot chocolate, milkshakes and also for dusting icing sugar on desserts and cakes.

All equipment is shipped new.  We have used these stencils with great success in our four cafes, homes and in our Barista Basics Coffee Academy ( &

We send by Australia Post express post yellow bag in Australia and surface mail overseas. 

All US/Canada orders for this item get shipped from Seattle. 

Please note that we ship every Saturday by surface mail from Seattle.