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Ultimate Barista Book & DVD (3) Boxed Set

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Ultimate Barista Book & DVD (3) Boxed Set
Price: $150.00


Ultimate Barista Book & DVD (3) Boxed Set

"Ultimate Barista Boxed Book & DVD (3) Set"

  1. bean there, drunk that...(book)
  2. The Coffee Menu DVD
  3. Master Barista DVD
  4. Coffee Art & Presentation Techniques DVD

By the time you have finished reading our book and watched our videos you will have discovered ...

  1. how coffee came to be the second most traded commodity on earth
  2. how coffee is grown and harvested
  3. how coffee is blended and roasted
  4. how to use a commercial grinder and espresso machine
  5. how to pour the perfect esspresso shot
  6. the art of frothing creamy, textured milk
  7. how to pour all the drinks in a cafe menu with style
  8. how to clean your equipment to maintain the taste of your coffee
  9. how everything a barista knows can be applied to the home espresso machine
  10. how to get and keep a job as a barista
  11. how the great baristas keep there customers coming back.
  12. to do all the major coffee art styles and designs in easy to understand steps.

What others say about The Ultimate Barista Boxed Set:

My boss said once I mastered latte art I would be paid more. Dave and Matt showed me how and I am getting paid more...but by the cafe down the road! - Tom Squires, barista, Southport, QLD

Finally I am able to understand what I need to do to get consistent coffees that not only look good but taste great as well. - Jackie McIntosh, barista, CBD, QLD

I give Master Barista to all my new staff. If they do not read the book and watch the videos they do not start work. - Jimmy Ng, Piccadilly Cafe, Paddington, NSW

Staff training has never been easier. I wish I had this years ago. - Steve Ashworth, Coffee Guru, ACT

The genie is out of the bottle. Master Barista got me my first job and I have not looked back. - William Perry, barista, Perth, WA

bean there, drunk that...

bean there, drunk a book designed for everyone who enjoys coffee.

It covers everything from:

  1. the history of coffee
  2. growing, harvesting and roasting coffee
  3. coffee freshness
  4. the grinder
  5. the espresso machine
  6. frothing milk
  7. pouring the different coffees
  8. coffee art techniques 
  9. home espresso machines
  10. and getting and keeping a job as a barista

This book concentrates on the production of excellent gourmet coffee and the authors, being barista teachers themselves, convey this in a way that is both easy to read and entertaining.

Simply put, bean there, drunk the perfect manual for the barista, the aficionado or even the shameless coffee snob!

These guys are the first ones to admit that coffee isn't rocket science. This book's not insulting but practical and that's what being a barista is all about. - Amanda Morris, barista, Fortitude Valley, QLD

A damn good read. It's given me much more fodder for our dinner parties. - Joan Burnham-Dare, 38 year-old mother of two, Bronte, NSW

This book is coffee viagra. After two years in the cupboard, my Krups is now making several great cups of coffee a day. - Tim Gravino, domestic coffee lover, Broome, WA

Move over Obi-Wan...Matt and Dave are my new spiritual guides. - Ben Jacobs, barista, Byron Bay, NSW



Master Barista, Matthew Gee, demonstrates all the hot drinks on a basic café menu in easy-to-understand steps.

Learn how to make the following:

  1. cappuccino,
  2. flat white,
  3. café latte,
  4. espresso/short black,
  5. doppio,
  6. short macchiato,
  7. long black,
  8. long macchiato,
  9. vienna,
  10. mocha,
  11. hot chocolate
  12. and steamer.

Learn from industry experts:

  • the history of coffee,
  • how coffee is grown,
  • roasted and blended,
  • how to froth milk
  • and how to extract the perfect espresso.

Ex-cafe owners, Ex-coffee roasters and Master Baristas, Matthew Gee and David Gee, give you the knowledge and teach you the skills to be a Master Barista.

Matthew and David explain the following and more:

  1. the history of coffee
  2. how coffee is grown
  3. coffee blending
  4. coffee roasting
  5. extracting the perfect espresso (the 30 second rule)
  6. frothing perfect milk every time
  7. milk pouring techniques
  8. espresso machine and grinder cleaning

    Coffee Art & Presentation Techniques DVD. 45mins (approx)

    The world's most comprehensive coffee art DVD.

    Ex-cafe owners, Ex-coffee roasters and Master Baristas Matthew Gee and David Gee, demonstrate all the coffee art styles and designs in easy to understand steps.

    Learn how to do the following :

  9. coffee cups
  10. chasing hearts
  11. feathering
  12. swirls
  13. waves
  14. hearts
  15. flowers
  16. twisters
  17. tidal waves
  18. fudge art
  19. free pouring
  20. and more...........

Become an expert in one day!

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Master Barista DVD. 40 mins (approx)

The Coffee Menu DVD. 15 mins (approx)